Blurry Thoughts

by Trashed Ambulance

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Trashed Ambulance's debut album, Blurry Thoughts.


released March 25, 2016

Artwork by DA Kostiew.

Recorded at Overserved Studios in Red Deer, Alberta.

Mastered by Nich Davies.



all rights reserved


Trashed Ambulance Red Deer, Alberta

Formed in 2014 in Red Deer, Alberta, Trashed Ambulance has survived too many member changes and hangovers but there is no end in sight for this gang of miscreants. With one LP and many kick ass shows under their belt, keep an eye out for them in 2017 and they continue getting trashed and making a scene! ... more

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Track Name: Blurry
Well stop me if you've heard this one before
It is the tale of me swan diving to the floor
I wish I could say that I didn't deserve it this time
I lose my marbles with a belly full of booze
Even with zero competition I still lose
I wish I could say that I didn’t' have it coming to me

They may be nothing but blurry thoughts
But they're really all I got

They're growing tired of the same old song and dance
But all this moron ever wanted was a chance
I fumbled the kick off now everyone's pissed off at me
It seems I've barreled through the point of no return
I stole the instructions but fuck I'll never learn
This dead horse is beaten so I won't be needing your help anymore

They may be nothing but blurry thoughts
But they're really all I got
Track Name: Delinquent
Hey have you ever gotten caught
Stealing from the bargain shop
Well I'll teach you a thing or two
About lifting big league chew

I've been up and down this block
Hiding reefers in my sock
Ain't no cop in this whole town
Who could ever hunt me down

And I know all the party spots
And all the old guys selling pot
So don't treat me like a fool
Cuz I've never been to school
Track Name: Snake
I know I talk alot of shit
But don't remember saying it
I smash my nose to spite my face
And creep in a state of disgrace

Cuz loyalty and reason
I will never understand
I won't allow our friendship
To deny my upper hand

Thought you could count on me?
I'll fall you like a dying tree
Unless it helps to know your name
Then I'll be there to play the game

You thought that I would be there?
I'll never fuckin be there
Track Name: Scratch
The fields are enduring
The children are feeding
The blessing and cursing for who dares believing.
The kettle will scream
Let history repeat
We all started from Scratch.
This dead end is fitting
A message transmitting
Another reminder that I'm always shitting
The bed once again, I'm a lock that won't latch
Fuck it all throw one more down the hatch

We came to watch the sun dry
Our planet will subside

I fear my own using
My hopes often dying
Grasping a cup that will keep me from finding
The fact I've bin half of a man I once grasped.
Casting a final lost cast
You must be mistaken
This point that you're making
Well it won't extinguish the fact that you're faking
Your way through this life so now plan your attack
For this red herring you'll never catch

We came to watch the sun dry
Our planet will subside
We came to watch the sun dry
To end it all tonight
Track Name: Dust Buster
A broken nose, A toothless grin
The aftermath of situations I've been in
And one last word to rest assured
That I'll be at my end before I can begin

I just can't take it back
Woulnd't mean it anyway
What can I say?
It's no surprise I'm on my own today

My shattered pride lays on the floor
So please excuse me while I show myself the door
My lone ally, this double rye
And now my brain's become a prisoner of war
Track Name: Decay
Set off just break it, and work till you're sick and quit
We let go our trust cause the systems for Fucks
It's all over rated we drown in the fuss
Sycophantic posse of bulls
Fret on the fact that you don't pay their tolls
Addicted to greed society is disease.
Played out of luck in our cold reality

Packed all decay in a suitcase.
I can't find a reason to live another way
When your doctor quits
You're red eyed in bliss
You're cut out all so typical

Now how can we manage
It's a game of systematics.
Where we feed the corporate sandwich
And create a fucking habbit.

Design me a casket, you won't take me captive.
As I make the blacklist, off your corporate tactic
Track Name: Sell Out
I'll never be a pro
Won't make it to the show
I'm like the plant you pissed on that ain't never gonna grow
My talent levels low
My brains works in slow mo
The more I think about it, should have gave up years ago

Keep my eyes on the prize
And do it DIY
Pretending to like poverty is part of my disguise
I think we're on the rise
Oh wait, that's just a lie
Still waiting for that chart topper but now I realize


Song writing's getting worse
It's kinda like a curse
I'm cruising to the finish line but fuck I'm in reverse
I guess we should rehearse
But everyone's dispersed
It's like this band's a shit river, I'm diving in head first

And once upon a time
I used to have my pride
I gave that all up years ago and now my hands are tied
But I think i'm doing fine
With the fact that music died
Cuz all I really want in life is keys to the free ride

Track Name: Smelly Business
Mending our fingers clogged with wasabi
Could make the burns just feel so right
When you wish you had another place to go
One to own for a least this night
Chasing castles with the high-strung asshole
For a room to rent a place to hide
Who shot the Crip and the cop and the cocksucker?
This hotel is a dive

Why must I always teethe?
Strong yet I never believe
Wrong cause I feel I'm diseased Gone no I'm really diseased

Throw her a line, she weeps for a white one
Pass my day with some weed on her floor
This working world just don't please me
So I grab my board and head to the shore.
I wonder if I'll ever find
This razor burn out healing ride
A dive between a wave so gold
Come crashing through seemed incredible

The fascia’s straight a task that aids
Another step to hide the hate
That binds my fate. I procrastinate
That I might age to evaporate.
Let this rage decapitate.
Let it take well let I make my Smelly Business known
Track Name: Lawn Dart
Lawn dart, Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart

(Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, Twot) I watched him fall
(Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, Mario Kart) into a wall
(Lawn Dart, He's a Lawn Dart at Heart) a gruesome sight
(Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, What?)
But he's alright

Lawn dart

(Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, Twot) He got thirsty
(Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, Mario Kart) Drank 18 kokanee
(Lawn Dart, He's a Lawn Dart at Heart) Got right back up
(Lawn Dart, Lawn Dart, What?)

He's punk as fuck
Track Name: Boring
There's nothing to see here
No breakthroughs this year
Just the same old mundane shit
And I'm still not gettin sick of it

Another helping of the norm
You can't say that you weren't warned
It's a sound that we all trust
So come along and get shit faced with us

We'll hold our apologies
And embrace monotony
We'll double down on cheese
And be boring just like me
Track Name: Trashed
I remember way back then
Waiting for shit to happen
I was just a little brat
With a gut full of labatts
Strum an out of tune guitar
My highschool band never went far
They say it's time to act my age
But think I'd rather be on stage

The cards won't lay right, Am i just not bright
I seem just crash. Am I stuck in the past?
Am I sellfless and pure but I don't deserve
I try to be rational but just keep on trashin it all

We're running out of steam like a breaking down machine
We'll haunt you like a bad dream
Cuz we're trashed and we're making a scene

The days go by
More braincells die
Somedays I wonder why I try
To carry on this dying sound
Should I play something more profound?
They say to stick with what you know
Rippin it up at punk rock shows
Well it's been years I'm still not bored
Just smashing beers and power chords

We're running out of steam like a breaking down machine
We'll haunt you like a bad dream
Cuz we're trashed and we're making a scene
As long as youre over 18
We'll party down like charlie sheen
Cuz we're trashed and we're making a scene
Track Name: Royalty
And now I think its time we take a moment to reflect
It's harder than I thought when all our good times were spent wrecked
And you know who will pour em out and yell out gather roudn
The Chimps assembled in the front room playing way too loud

And looking back those moments spoiled me
In a place where we could feel like royalty

If walls could talk they would have post traumatic stress
Host another punk rock melee see what happens next
Well friendships formed and friendships strained but we made out ok
Escaped before we burned it down so now let's celebrate

Drinking from a stolen chalice
Come party at the Peasant Palace.
Track Name: Instant
Basement, Blatant, Plagiarism of our favorite bands

Reprise, Black Eyes, Retarded shit no one will undesratand

Cuz getting drunk on a monday night it never felt so right

So shake it up pour me some more palm wine

Instant, Picture, not even taken with a telephone

Patch chords, Star Wars, go grab another bottle Ozone